Why should you join us?

Ordinary membership of the organization is open to unions of employers and entrepreneurs, federations and other confederations and associations of organizations of employers and entrepreneurs operating on the territory of the Republic of Poland, as well as employers and entrepreneurs covering the entire country or having a special economic position.

Membership in the Employers of Poland is voluntary and in no way limits a member's independence of action.

Membership in the Employers of Poland is diverse in nature. Most of the 19,000 entities that the organization represents are affiliated with regional or industry-specific employer organizations. Since February 2002, direct membership is also possible for enterprises of major importance or scale.

Documents required to join

  • Membership declaration

  • Excerpt from the National Court Register of the joining organizational unit

  • Articles of Association of the joining organizational unit

  • Resolution of relevant statutory bodies on accession to the Employers of of Poland (if required by the Articles of Association of the acceding organizational unit)

  • Information on the size of employment in the acceding enterprise, and in the case of employers' associations - in enterprises affiliated to the association

Statute of Employers of Poland

Benefits of membership

  • Representation of interests

  • Dialogue with decision makers

  • Access to resources and information

  • Training and support

  • Promotion and representation

  • Networking

  • Representation in the media